Sunday, May 23, 2010

Food Review: Udi's Gluten Free Bread

Hey Everyone!

Early today I asked on twitter what your favorite g-free bread was because I have only found one bread that was OK. I got a couple responses from people raving about this brand "Udi's". I went to Whole Foods and got it. I got the Whole Grain bread but they also had a White Sandwich bread. It was in the freezer section with the other G-Free stuff and when I got home it was room temperature. I took some out and tried it. Wow, this is the best  gluten free bread I have had to date!Okay, it's only been 3 weeks but. . . still I have been through a good amount of bread and this really is the best bread I have had to date! 

The bread has no back taste etc. like many other gluten-free breads. It is flexible and has little holes like real bread, you gluten-free eaters out there know how hard that is to find! My favorite advantage to this amazing bread is . . . . you DON'T have to toast it or microwave it to make it edible and it's not chewy!

Hope you guys enjoyed my review and stick around because there are more to come!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Becoming Gluten-Free~

Hi All,

  I was just diagnosed last month after 10years of horrible stomach pain, nausea, head aches and just being plain sick ALL the time. After numerous tests & mis-diagnosis the doctors have found out I have Celiac Disease. Since it has been so long that I have had Celiac Disease without knowing it my intestines are still recovering from all the damage so I still have nausea,stomach pain etc. but that will go away with time! I'm Dee and i'm happily G-free.

Being gluten free because of Celiac Disease or as I say "G-free" means I can't have ANYTHING that contains gluten. Things that contain gluten are in so many places but the obvious is bread,crackers,pasta etc. The places that have hidden gluten ingredients are in gum,soy sauce,candy,ketchup, salsa,soup & sports drink etc. 

Follow me along on my journey of living "G-Free" and all succeses,failures & mishaps that will happen as I learn how to cook differently & live "G-Free"~